Kylie Jenner Spotted in Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

Posted by Sydney Wozniak on

As social media has become an increasingly influential part of the fashion world, Instagram has served as a major outlet for fashion bloggers and celebrities to showcase their personal style and establish trends for their followers to... Well, follow. Kylie Jenner; social media giant, pop culture icon, and Kardashian sister, sits at 60.1 million followers currently, making her a close second to her older sister Kim. 


Tommy Hilfiger's loud 90's logo centric pieces, blasted with primary colour blocking and a red white and blue flag nearly as recognizable as one of a patriotic variety; remain timeless in their popularity among vintage lovers and collectors. Kylie, herself, has been toting her apparent collection of vintage Tommy Hilfiger windbreakers on her Instagram recently, which has sent her fans into a Tommy driven craze.


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