DIY Face Mask Tutorial with Free Pattern

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Download face mask pattern PDF - S

Download face mask pattern PDF - L


1) Cut out pattern pieces from downloaded PDF, place directly on fabric.

2) Trace patterns and cut out pieces. Make sure to read each pattern piece as some of them require you to cut multiple pieces. Flip “Outer Layer” piece then cut second piece from it. When cutting each piece, don't forget to always have the words on the pattern pieces facing up.

3) Place outer layers facing each other (the side you want showing when wearing the mask). Sew along the curve ¼ inch in from the edge.

4) Sew curve of “Liner Right Side” to “Liner Left Side”. Sew them a ¼ inch in from the edge.

5) Fold long end edge of “Liner Left End” ¼ inch towards the good side of the fabric and sew.

6) Fold “Liner Left Side” ¼ inch towards the good side of the fabric and sew down.

7) Place good side of “Outer Layer” facing you, and good side of the “Liner Layer” facing down. You will want the two folder edges of the left side liner pieces to overlap.

8) Sew top and bottom together, ¼ inch in from the edge.

9) Pull mask right side out through the hole created in the left side of the liner.

10) Place string for ear loop on outside edges. Fold the edges over the strings and sew closed, making sure not to sew on top of the string.

11) Insert filter through the hole found on the inside of the mask. Put it on, stay safe and enjoy.


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