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Polish fashion label, M I S B H V debuted at NYFW this past week with an early 2000’s inspired collection titled “Objects of Desire”. Designer Natalia Maczek credits retro club kid fashion and her post-soviet Polish upbringing as inspirations for M I S B H V SS17 collection which is now being worn by the likes of Sita Abellan (who is credited as a collaborator on the collection) and Rihanna. Maczek successfully combined elements from the two fashion worlds; street style, and high fashion and the collection includes pieces like PVC Cargo Pants, rhinestone encrusted crop tops, deconstructed denim jackets and low rise leather moto pants. Although these designs seem unrelated it would be hard to describe “Objects of Desire” as anything less than spectacular.


M I S B H V isn't the first brand in recent years to pull inspiration from Eastern European style, brands like Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy have also made good use of oversized and ill-fitting garments by combining them with precise craftsmanship. M I S B H V’s collection also included silhouettes one could might find on an early 2000’s red carpet, the era when showing off the max amount of torso was considered sexy and rhinestones were a girl’s best friend.


Vetements follows a similar “good-taste meets bad-taste” formula by incorporating aspects of the fashion dark ages into their collections; like their recent collaboration with Juicy Couture. It’s easy to draw comparisons between Maczeks designs to some of the infamous trashy-chic outfits we remember on starlets like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lil’ Kim.  During this era these women were received hate for their style choices but it’s nice to know they can get their redemption as brands like M I S B H V continue to dominate fashion week. 


As these once taboo styles continue to come back in style it raises the question of what trend will be the next to resurface and how can we avoid revisiting outfits like these?



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