Frankie Collective is dedicated to innovation in women’s streetwear while maintaining focus on sustainability. We take inspiration from 90’s staples and rework vintage garments to push the boundaries of contemporary style. Knowing our customers have a passion for streetwear, we encourage women to feel confident with their style by encouraging them to break the boundaries of except-able fashion. 

We consider the impacts the garment industry has on the environment and make every effort to reduce waste in all steps of our production process. Our designs centre on salvaging vintage garments that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and all of our textile scraps are recycled and repurposed to eliminate textile waste. While many brands throw scraps into the garbage we pay to have ours removed and recycled by Fabcycle.

Every time a second hand garments is purchased in creates less demand for a new high polluting garment to enter the marketplace. Each and every one of us have the power to change the industry and help the planet by being more thoughtful with our purchasing power. 

Production of all our reworked garments is all kept local in Vancouver, Canada. We employ a skilled team of designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses that are payed a living wage to design, create and rework daily. 

We’re focussed on customer engagement on all our platforms. We keep things fast-paced and friendly and give personalized service to all our shoppers. Transparency is important to us, and we want our customers to be in the know about our business practices, from our vintage picking to the ins and outs of our manufacturing process and sustainability initiatives.