Our Stores

F AS IN FRANK has two flagship retail locations located in Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario. The vast vintage clothing selection  at F AS IN FRANK is specifically tailored to keep one step ahead of current street trends. We like to push the boundaries of typical acceptable fashion, bringing fun and excitement to your shopping experience. We challenge our customers to show their unique personalities, bridging the gap between costume/ ‘dress-up’ and everyday fashion. You will find hundreds of vintage items, ranging anywhere from the early 1900’s to the 1990’s: from popular favourites such as high quality rock tees, flannel shirts, dresses, leather jackets, military jackets, boots/shoes, handbags, jewellery, and champion basketball jerseys, to high-end/top shelf collectible clothing and design inspiration pieces, movie rentals, and everything in between. We also stock the largest selection of vintage sports gear in Canada, including snapbacks, Starter jackets, t-shirts and deadstock gear. Always eco-conscious, F AS IN FRANK runs fundraising events for various environmental charities and works hard to keep moving forward in maintaining a green work environment. A few times a year, we hold a fill-a-bag sale in the alley behind the shop. After these events, hundreds of pounds of clothing are donated to the homeless of Vancouver and Toronto. Vancouver Shop   Toronto Shop