Dying to have pink hair without the commitment? Whether you’re bored with your hair or simply want to make a statement, we found the perfect product to help you kick it up a notch for the seasons hottest hair trend.  Just follow these simple steps for bold colour on both dark and light hair. Loreal_hair_chalk_color_hair_trendWHAT YOU WILL NEED: - We used L’Oreal Professionnel HairChalk, which is available in five brilliant shades (purple, pink, green, blue, and coral) as well as three natural hues to create ombre effects. - Sponge for application - Gloves STEP 1: STYLE l'oreal-professionnal-hairchalk We put our models hair into a high pony tail and then straightened it. STEP 2: APPLY l'oreal-professional-hairchalk Apply the liquid product with the sponge to small sections of the hair. STEP 3: BLOW DRY TO SET COLOUR STEP 4: FINISH l'oreal-hair-chalk Apply any finishing products, like Aveda's Smoothing Fluid to smooth and give your hair shine. Note: the more porous or light your hair is, the longer the colour will adhere. L'Oreal carries a shampoo that is formulated to wash the colour out, or simply rock your faded pale colour for a few days, as the colour will last up to 5 washes.

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