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UK artist FKA twigs (Formally Known As twigs) is a quietly up and coming artist making big waves with her anything but understated musical talent and original style. fka_twigs_1 Labelled as a trip-hop 'R&Bjork', twig's first single “Water Me” is hauntingly beautiful, using negative auditory space to highlight her ethereal voice and intimate lyrics. The  “Water Me” video, which has garnered polarized reactions - described as both creepy and sensual - is as minimalist as her song, and just as poignant. fka_twigs_2 But it’s not just twig's musical genius that’s drawing attention, her style is one of a kind. Straddling the dichotomies of both femininity and androgyny, and futurism and vintage, twigs aesthetic silently speaks for her as much her music. Not to mention she has the dopest hair! fka_twigs_3

Quietly provocative and effortlessly cool, check out FKA twig's latest video for her single "Two Weeks"...


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