We are still feeling the high from SZA's live show at Fortune Sound Club this past Friday. Not only was it an amazing show, we had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with the curly-haired beauty herself.

SZA_live_frankie_collectivePhoto by Donnel Garcia

Before the show, we brought down some Frankie Collective clothing for SZA to shop. She decided to wear and rep our vintage Nike mesh jersey on stage paired with overalls and the birkenstocks socks combo. SZA is known for wearing free-flowing clothing on stage to help her jam out for her best performance possible. SZA wearing Frankie Collective at Fortune Sound Club SZA's voice was truly enchanting backed by her live band brining the production to life. After the show we smoked in the green room and took some selfies (they didn't turn out) Note to self: take selfies first, smoke later. Thanks to Cherchez and Dave from Timbre for making it happen! xo

Check out SZA's music HERE

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