STEP 1: Set up - Prepare your work area with everything you need for this DIY. Cover a table with plastic covering, we used garbage bags. Mix the dye by following the instructions on the back. Add more water for a more pastel look. Gather supplies:

Cotton tee Elastic bands Squeeze bottles Dye Gloves Bucket of water filled with lukewarm water

TIE DYE SUPPLIES   STEP 2: Soak shirt Soak in a bucket of lukewarm water for a few minutes. STEP 3: Twist to create a spiral. Lay the shirt flat on the table. Pinch the center of the shirt and begin tightly twirling in a circular motion. twist STEP 4: Shape with elastic bands Once your shirt has been twisted into a cinnamon bun shape, use at least three elastic bands over the shirt to create pie pieces. elasics STEP 5: Dye the shirt Apply dye from the squeeze bottles in your desired areas. We recommend using alternating colours in a circular pattern. STEP 6: Let the dye set Seal your shirt in a plastic bag to to keep it moist for 4-6 hours. This will give the dye and shirt time to bond. bag STEP 7: Wash & dry Take the shirt out of the bag and remove the elastic bands. Rinse the shirt with running cold water remove any excess dye. Place the shirt in a washing machine by itself on a cold water cycle. Hang dry or place the shirt in the dryer by itself. STEP 8: Crop it Once the shirt is dry, place the shirt flat on a table. Use a ruler and fabric chalk to make a straight line at your desired cropped level. Cut along the line with scissors to create your new tie dye Adidas crop top!

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Watch the full DIY tutorial on how to tie dye:


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