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Crazy for Coogi

Posted by Sara Gourlay on

The COOGI brand is here to stay. Founded in 1969 in Australia, Coogi was first popularized by Biggie Smalls in the 1990s as urban hip-hop wear. The sweaters were a status piece in the Brooklyn scene, retailing for $400-500. In 2009, the Vashtie-directed video for Jadakiss's "Letter to B.I.G" tributed Big Poppa's COOGI style. coogi_sweater4 Artists like Drake and A$AP Rocky were also seen sporting the sweaters, contributing to the resurfacing of the brand.  COOGI patterns were even seen on the runway for Rag & Bones Fall 2014 collection. coogi_sweater_trend_rag&bone Brands such as Supreme and Pigale also paid homage to the brand. And now, the retailer, Kith, will be releasing an exclusive COOGI collection featuring the legendary kaleidoscopic-patterned sweaters in the original colorways as well as updated pieces. coogi_sweater1 coogi_sweater3  


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