The COOGI brand is here to stay. Founded in 1969 in Australia, Coogi was first popularized by Biggie Smalls in the 1990s as urban hip-hop wear. The sweaters were a status piece in the Brooklyn scene, retailing for $400-500. In 2009, the Vashtie-directed video for Jadakiss's "Letter to B.I.G" tributed Big Poppa's COOGI style. coogi_sweater4 Artists like Drake and A$AP Rocky were also seen sporting the sweaters, contributing to the resurfacing of the brand.  COOGI patterns were even seen on the runway for Rag & Bones Fall 2014 collection. coogi_sweater_trend_rag&bone Brands such as Supreme and Pigale also paid homage to the brand. And now, the retailer, Kith, will be releasing an exclusive COOGI collection featuring the legendary kaleidoscopic-patterned sweaters in the original colorways as well as updated pieces. coogi_sweater1 coogi_sweater3  


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