Brooke Tyson, the brand, was born in 2006 when the creative young designer released her first collection ‘Folklore’ at NZFW. Devoted to playing dressups as a kid, and having spent her teenage years making outfits for herself and others, the idea to create her own label evolved quite naturally. Armed with a strong vision, Brooke built her business from the ground up. 


Describe your clothing line in three words
free spirited, playful, eclectic

What influences your collections?
So many things influence my collections, visual stimulation is the root of all creativity for me... Film, art, music, and especially travelling and viewing the crafts of different cultures all play a part in my influences.

We know you like to travel the world and can get a bit wild with the locals. Can you tell us how travel and experiencing new people and places influences your outlook. Any specific stories?
Ha, yes love the locals and immersing myself in a culture, though language barriers are always there, you can make yourself understood. Tequila helps! A recent trip to Mexico has been a big inspiration for me. I loved everything about it, the people, the vibrant culture, music and dancing on the streets, and colours, colours everywhere...

I was in a bit of quiet awe (actually I am never quiet, there may have been a little jumping up and down) at the Museo Frida Kahlo ... Just to be there was incredible but to then see pieces of her art, life and wardrobe... Insane!

We were also lucky enough to be in Oaxaca for the Guelaguetza festival, maybe the biggest festival in Mexico... It was a feast for the senses. This trip will definitely be influencing our future fabric and designs.

I know vintage  a big inspiration for you, tell us more about how vintage inspires your creative process.
Vintage makes the fashion wheel go round. It inspires everything because these days most fashion is a reinvention of great designs of the past... I love to wear vintage as well, it works perfectly alongside the Brooke Tyson label. (You guys are a big inspiration for me, your knowledge of the vintage industry and individual garments blows my mind)

What are your favourite spots in Auckland for vintage shopping?
Definitely K Road, a lot of treasures to be found

What is your staple item in your closet for this season?
This season I have been living in playsuits... "The one" playsuit in particular!

Tell us something that nobody knows about Brooke Tyson? 
Though some people do know it about me.... I like to dance like the world is watching. Get down, hoe down, throw down dancing....I try and dance everyday, keeps me sane.

What can we expect to see from Brooke Tyson in 2015?
Look out for some big changes, we are upping our online game and our fabric design plans are very exciting, with some new collaborations, one with my sister Reannan... Watch this space x


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