Grateful Tshirt Earth Month Fundraiser

April 29, 2020

There is not doubt, you will definitely remember where you where on Earth Day 2020. 

Introducing our Grateful to Survive Earth Day 2020 project. 

In the past, we have raised money for such organizations as Surf Rider but as we look at the current state of the world and the challenges still ahead of us to make it through Covid-19, we decided we needed to go another direction. It's tough for humans to prioritize taking care of the planet when we are struggling to take care of ourselves. With this in mind, we have teamed up with @suaysewshop. All proceeds from our Grateful tshirts will be donated to produce surgical grade masks for front line workers. One dollar equals one mask to be distributed to people who need them most around LA and Southern California. 

SuayLA is an LA-based company at the forefront of the remaking industry. They recently opened up their flagship store right beside their modest production facility in the quiet burb of Frogtown, LA. For the last 15 years, the owner and founder Lindsay, has been mastering the art of reworking and has taken it to a whole new level of quality. They recently launched a massive up cycling initiative with Patagonia called the Worn Wear program


When the pandemic hit LA mid-March, Lindsay converted her production facility to make surgical grade masks for front line workers. As you know, the country is in short supply of masks and other equipment so it is super important that companies, like Suay, step up and help fill the void. It is amazing to see how much hard work and dedication went into this project. Lindsay did not miss a beat and was making masks before anyone else. To date, she has produced over 150000 masks. 

One dollar raised equals one mask produced for front line workers. 100% of proceeds from our fundraiser will be donated to Suay to support this initiative. 


Donate to our Earth Month Fundraiser 





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