The Frankie Guide To Sustainable Fashion

January 31, 2019



Every day it is becoming more apparent that if we all don't start to care an awful lot more about our planet, it wont be around much longer. We already know that you care, you're reading this blog post after all, and you're shopping at Frankie Collective. Did you know that the number one way to dress eco friendly is buying and wearing second hand or reworked clothing. 

Rule #1

Get thrifty. Its not just for your grandma anymore. When buying second hand clothing you are greatly reducing the need for another new garment to be manufactured. If everyone shopped more thrift and second hand just imaging how that would impact the mass polluting fast fashion industry. Swap clothing with your friends, rework old outdated garments, repair damages, the possibilities are endless. 

Rule #2

Make more thoughtful purchasing decisions. Try to buy quality over quantity and buy items that you know will last you longer than one season. Buy timeless styles so that you wont be sick of it in a months time. Its worth spending more money on something if you know that it will last you and in turn stay out of our landfill longer. 

Rule #3

Purchase as much natural fibre clothing as possible. Cotton and wool are best as they will biodegrade over time. Buy organic cotton when possible because Round Up pesticides used in cotton production are causing all sorts of problems for our planet. It is linked to the decline in Bee populations and many other harmful issues. If you buy synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, lycra etc use a laundry washing bag such as the Guppy Friend to was them in. When synthetic materials are washed they breakdown and release micro fibres into the water. These fibres make it into our streams, rivers and inevitably into the ocean. They also make there way into our drinking water. The Guppy Friend bag catches these micro fibres so that you can dispose of them properly. 

Rule #4

Shop with brands that are making a difference. Whether that difference means putting money into research, activism or environmental charities or if its just brands that are working towards low environmental impact. These brands need our support and we should be using our consumer dollars to help them help the planet. Check out our post on our favourite eco friendly brands here. 

Rule #5

When it comes time to declutter your closet donate anything that you don't want. Research charities in your area that take clothing donations. I would say its better to donate to a small non profit thrift then donating to the large corporate thrift chains. Your clothing will have a bigger impact and be much more appreciated. 

Sustainable fashion can be fun and in the end you can feel good about your wardrobe. Go thrift, rework, donate and create. Have fun. 

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