October 01, 2019

As fast fashion brands continue to flood the market, a certain sportswear giant is attempting to achieve new life for their no longer used or desired garments. Adidas, a leading player in sportswear has come out with a pilot project to lower their footprint and find new life for unusable products, while creating new sustainable by-products. Adidas launched their ‘Take back Program’ through out nine stores in New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris.


The fundamentals of the ‘Take back Program’ are taking undesired product and extracting the raw recyclable materials to make for a new valuable source of sustainable material. The Adidas group efforts is to bring social awareness to what occurs to products at the end of their life. Adidas is so committed to this program they are accepting all brands of footwear and apparel that could be recycled or reused. The products are then taken to a sorting facility in Germany where they further divide the items to be consigned or then recycled.

Adidas plans to design a whole sportswear line made of recycled materials. With that in the works Adidas is trailblazing the concept that good quality products and sustainability can coexists. 

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