Normani NBA All-Star Game Performance in Frankie Fits

March 03, 2020



When we got the call to create full stage outfits for Normani and her dancers to perform a Kobe Tribute at the NBA All-Star game, we jumped on the opportunity. 

It's normal for projects like this to come down the pipeline last minute and there was no exception here. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we received the jerseys at 11am on Friday but the outfits had to be in LA on Saturday. The cut off time to ship the outfits to arrive next day was 2pm Friday. So, they booked me a flight to personally deliver them. We worked into the evening and at 3am I was off to the airport.

After the fitting at the rehearsal studio, I brought the garments to a friend who worked in tailoring so we could nail the fit exactly to compliment each girls’s form. Normani wanted to add screen printed numbers to the pieces but we missed the cut off for end of day. The printing would happen the day of the performance in Chicago.

It was truly a feat that both our teams pulled this off with less than minutes to spare. During the whole process, Normani was busy rehearsing and taking interviews being the boss babe that she is. I was so impressed with her drive and passion to ensure the best performance possible.

We are so proud of the whole Frankie team for coming together on this project and honored that Normani trusted us to pull it off.


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