When Sean released his Nike Airmax 97/1 upon the sneaker world the wheels immediately began to turn and we knew we have to create something to complement them. It only felt right that we create this reworked masterpiece from reimagining Nike garments of the past. A side bag seamed the best choice as its currently one of our only unisex items (full unisex collection coming soon). We took the duster bag that the shoe comes with, paired it with the perfect colour way vintage Nike windbreakers for stripes and finished it with the iconic Nike smiley face patch (also included with the shoes). 

We are super happy about our friend Sean Wotherspoon's success with this project and cant wait to see whats next in the long saga of this release. From concept to execution, the side bag turned our super fire and Sean seamed to think so too. Watch our owners Drew & Jesse gift it to him in the latest episode of The Show by Round Two below ( @ 33:40) and shop our Nike section for a huge selection of garments to rock with your pair of these Vegan Corduroy Airmax's. 

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