Polo has announced that they’re relaunching the Snow Beach Collection 25 years after the initial release. The collection is set to feature original pieces that have been revamped with modernized composition and contemporary fabrication processes. Garments such as the Snow Beach pullover, vest, bucket hat and high-top sneakers will be a part of the capsule collection. The compilation of garments will be split into two different collections, one remaining true to its roots with bold colour ways and lettering still intact, while the other will be presented in a black and white scheme. The colourful pieces are set to drop on January 25th, while the black/white counterparts won’t be released until February 1st.
The 1993 Fall collection was originally inspired by a new wave of youth culture that was defined by extreme sports, street attitude, and an independent spirit. The line was mainly tailored towards snowboarders and the active type but it wasn’t long before the clothing went from the slopes to the streets. The clothing wore bold lettering of the brands name, and consisted of  colour palette with navy, red, yellow, purple, and loden green. A daring colour way when you read it aloud but when viewed on the garments, it translates to the clothing with simplicity and impact.
Snow Beach was successful on it’s own due to the previously established Polo brand, but it was after Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan wore the iconic pullover in the music video for “Can It Be So Simple”, that the collection became legendary to collectors.
Now, in 2018, during the era of sportswear makes its way well into streetwear, the collection comes back. And as you probably already figured out, this line won’t be as accessible as we wish it was. If you’re unable to make it to the exclusive locations carrying the revamped vintage pieces but are still staring at that empty space in your wardrobe meant for Polo, here are a few pieces from our collection that don’t require a wait until January 25th.
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