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Style Series - Natasha

Posted by Sara Gourlay on

Natasha1 Natasha2 Natasha3 Natasha4 Natasha5 Natasha6 Natasha7

vintage Polo jacket & vintage tartan sweater- F as in FrankRag & Bone pants & Zara slip-on sandals


without getting too detailed… 

my concept:

I wanted to shoot in busy locations.


the arcade.

Mcdix… mainly just because.

it’s funny how even though [we] were in these congested situations [which does not testify in the photoshardly anyone seemed to notice or take interest

i liked that. i didn’t want people staring. 

i actually wanted to blend-in rather than stand out 

[without dressing myself in all black for every shot].

also, these are all outfits that i would wear out on a daily basis.


 and with that…

my favorite piece that i grabbed at the F as in Frank Warehouse was the tartan sweater- it obviously brought Celine to the brain.

&, of course, the denim USA denim jacket was just a super neat find. 


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