harley-davidson-tshirt-vintageIts summer time and that means time to let your hair down and hope on the back or your mans bike or for that matter, your bike.  Since the beginning women have been doing their part to mould and uphold motorcycle culture as we know it. No matter how you look at it, biking is bad ass and its as much a part of  americana as hamburgers and french fries. harley-davidson-tshirt At the turn of the century there were two brands that went head to head to win over the American motorcycle market, Harley Davidson and Indian. Both manufactured amazing quality bikes but after the depression years is was Harley Davidson that really made the push and became a household name. vintage-harley-tshirts In 1947 two motorcycle clubs, the Boozefighters and The Pist Off Bastards, got into a brawl. The event got tons of media attention at the time. Before this event, dubbed the "Hollister Riot", the sport of riding motorcycles was not viewed as the outlaw culture it is today.  The American Motorcycle Association made a statement against this bad publicity stating " 99 percent of bikers are law-abiding citizens, but there's that last "one percent" that are nothing more than "outlaws." The One Percenters were born. Once movies like The Wild One hit the theatres not long after, the bad ass biker movement took off running. vintage-harley-t-shirts Out your inner bad ass!vintage-harley-davidson-tshirt

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