We are excited to launch our Mix Series - the best beats put together by up and coming talent for Frankie Collective. Our first mix has been put together by MATT EXYOUTH (Mad Decent) and JGOOSEY. Holding it down as one of Blueprint Events’ (Western Canada’s largest electronic music promoter) resident DJ for the past few years, Matt ExYouth come to be known for his love & mastery of club music that spans every imaginable genre, international border & tempo. With an ear for future forward sounds, he is respected for his ability to highlight emerging club music trends and play masterfully to rooms both big & small. Along side J Goosey, we are stoked to have them present our VOL I mix series.

The mix showcases some of their fave ghetto house tunes with some newer cuts & some of familiar rap beats thrown in for good measure. Ghetto House pretty much wrote the rulebook on ratchet in the 90s, and has been heavily influential on not only Matt's DJing, but Expendable Youth's production style as well. With the recent resurgence of Dance Mania and other 90’s Ghetto House labels, Matt and Jess thought it fitting to throw together this booty poppin’, panty droppin' mix for the summer. To download the mix and read our interview head over to Blueprint > http://bit.ly/blueprintfrankie  


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