Whether you celebrate Canada Day long weekend on July 1st or Independence Day on the fourth of July, it's always a bonus having an extra day off from your everyday hustle to kick back, relax, grab a cold beer, bask in the sun, and rock out in nothing but sports bras, denim, and jerseys. Why the heck not!


Festively, this themed shoot incorporates white, red and blue to represent both statutory holidays for Canada and the United States. Vintage jerseys, denim, and printed shirts from F as in Frank in Toronto are incorporated within four styled looks that have casual and athletic aesthetics; perfect for various go-to, mix and match pieces.

IMG_5752Photo Credit: Robert Okine

The first look is light, fresh and easy. Sporting a classic Nike sports bra with vintage denim overalls from Guess; it's an easy look when going from tanning at the park, to grabbing ice cream at a local spot on the long weekend.

IMG_5841Photo Credit: Robert Okine

The second look is an easy throw-on look with a bad ass attitude and a bad ass view. It's only fitting to entitle this look, "Vintage Chicago Red". Sporting a vintage Chicago jersey with Nike running shorts; it's the perfect look to bum around in at the beach.

IMG_5877Photo Credit: Robert Okine Untitled-3Photo Credit: Robert Okine

The third look comes in layers of athletic gear, vintage denim, and designer eyewear. Let's just call this look, "Bougie New York". Sporting a classic New York Yankees cap with a matching New York Yankees jersey; whilst pairing it with a Nike Dri-Fit sports bra and spandex shorts; along with an extra layer of vintage acid-washed Levi's denim shorts; classic dirty white Chuck Taylor's, and Alexander Wang sunglasses. This athletic street-chic look will have you ruling the city on the long weekend. Go on with your bad self!

IMG_5916Photo Credit: Robert Okine

The last look will have you quenching your thirst with an ice cold bottled Coca-Cola. Entitled, "Coca-Cola baby," this look incorporates a vintage graphic Coca-Cola tee, with a mesh blue jersey and vintage Levi's cut-off shorts. This look is perfect if you want to starfish on open grass whilst basking in the sun on the long weekend From my Frankie Collective and F as in Frank family to yours, we wish you all a safe and fun-filled holiday week! Cheers!

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