The iconic Futura-typeface 'cK' represents only one thing - the signature streamlined clothing empire that is Calvin Klein.


In 1967, a Bronx-born Klein established Calvin Klein Ltd, a women's coat and dress shop located in the NYC York Hotel on Seventh Ave. With the help of a prominent New York retailer Bonwit Teller, Calvin Klein saw its first million dollars in sales and established its headquarters at 205 west Thirty-ninth Street, where it remains to this day. By 1969, a Calvin Klein coat was featured on the front of Vogue and history was made. Since then the brand has been gracing the covers of high-fashion magazines, and donned by top-models and celebrities alike.
Any discussion about Calvin Klein cannot exclude the fact that the brand features some of the sexiest and controversial ads. The infamous Brooke Shield's ad where nothing came between her and her sexy denim Calvin's, segued into print adds with nearly naked models in soft-core poses - which together rocketed the brand to one of the most desirable and recognizable names in the fashion industry.
The brand now entails both women and men lines, as well as the popular cK Jeans, various fragrances, and it's iconic underwear line - in which women's underwear copied traditional men's briefs - introducing an androgynous twist known as 'locker-room lingerie'.
But it's the stylistic coherence of the brand that has endowed the line with its longevity and popularity. A factor that allows the most vintage pieces to remain current and on trend. Sophisticated and cool, Calvin Klein clothing is easily distinguishable with its classic lines and clean design.
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