Self-described as a brand that celebrates, "the essence of Classic American Cool," Tommy Hilfiger is undeniably one of the world's most readily recognized and leading premium lifestyle brands. Providing high quality garments for men, women, and children that include denim, sportswear, and accessories, the Hilfiger brand has become a global household name. vintage_tommy_hilfiger Established in 1985, the apparel company stylistically provides a unique twist on the tradition Preppy look -- capturing a wide audience, and appealing to a diverse range of lifestyle genres. vintage_tommy_hilfiger_sailing_windbreaker_jacket Tommy Hilfiger was catapulted to an unprecedented popularity in the 1990s following the infamous collaboration between Hilfiger and the hip-hop music industry which largely inspired a distinctly designer-label friendly 90s hip-hop culture. Top artists of the era such as Snoop Dog, Usher, Destiny's Child, and the late Aaliya have all rocked the classic red, white, and blue -- exemplifying the transcendent nature of the iconic brand. vintage_tommy_hilfiger_aaliya Now decades later, the Hilfiger buzz is back. The recent popular resurgence of urban style, which pays heavy homage to the 90s hip-hop glory days, has allowed the short-run relationship between hip-hop and Hilfiger to live on through awesome vintage pieces. Artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, and A$AP Rocky are a few of the current celebrity trend-setters giving nod to the OG's of Tommy Hilfiger. vintage_tommy_hilfiger_overalls From preppy to urban, shop Frankie-Collective for old school Tommy Hilfiger overalls, sailing jacket wind-breakers, oversized tees, and backpacks...and with Hilfiger classic colours you'll be just in time for the 4th of July. vintage_tommy_hilfiger_shop_now_frankie_collective

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