If you were alive in the 1980's you are familiar with the brand Mode Creation Munich - aka MCM. Launched in 1976 the German crafted luxury leather good exploded onto the 80's fashion  scene, with the MCM monogram papering sneakers, bags, backpacks, hats, and jackets. MCM_logo Despite it's European artisanship and high-quality materials, like so many brands that rose to fame in the 80's, over hype and saturation pushed the German brand from the limelight and into the dark recesses of that which was deemed passé. MCM_backpack Now fast forward to 2008 - where under new management, MCM reclaimed its fashion throne. Under new CEO Sung-Joo Kim - known for succesfully relaunching luxury brands such as Gucci and YSL into the every expanding Asian retail market - MCM transformed from a long-forgotten 80's trend to global luxury brand. With a logo paying homage to Bavarian King Ludwig I and all that is neo-classical, MCM offers "a heritage ofelegance," and "a long-time favourite of royalty and celebrities". MCM_sneakers In the league of luxury designers Louis Vuitton and Chanel, the MCM monogram has effectively become a easily recognized status symbol. But don't be quick to write of MCM as too posh. Kim's business savvy includes revamping the brand's design talent by inviting Michael Michalsky - former creative director for Adidas - to lead the MCM relaunch. MCM_seankers Since 2008, MCM has also collaborated with designer and bonafide style guru (working with the likes of Kanye West) Taz Arnold (TISA), who's creative genius and fearless mixing of modern fashion with vintage elements that has not only created a new collection, but drawn attention to classic vintage pieces from MCM's 80's heyday. From utilizing MCM vintage fabrics and materials, Taz helped establish the staple MCM Cognac colour. Under innovative creative genius the luxury brand with a new urban feel has attracted the attention of some of today's hottest celebrities - donned by the likes of Chris Brown, Justin Bieber,  Rihanna, and the Queen B - Beyonce. MCM_taz_arnold Today the brand's vision is directed towards the art of travel, and the spirit of adventure - as it's site boasts to provide, "the ultimate luxury accessories to the most discerning international voyagers." While collections include fresh designs with decadent sorbet-colours and croc-skin leathers, the revival brand has not strayed from it's classic and iconic MCM logo'd leather - allowing you to dust off those long-forgotten but no less loved vintage pieces. MCM_taz_arnold To add a little royalty to your closet, shop vintage MCM at F as in Frank Vintage.

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