The 90's were a much more happier, simple time. We had Game Boy (Color), scented markers, the coolest TV shows & music, Super Soakers, Bop It, and the late Blockbuster Video. Luckily for us, some iconic 90's fashion statements from the past have been revived back in to the scene. And I'm glad to say "some", because there's quite a list of fashion choices that will make you cringe when looking back. Let's hope these following trends never return. PLEASE.  

1. Frosted Tips- Probably one of the most infamous hairstyles, in most 90's boy bands, would be the frosted tip. Nick Lachey, Lance Bass, and and the members of B44 were so cool with their frosted tips. Who didn't want to look like them? 90's dos and donts_frosted tips   2. Wallet Chains- Due the grunge era in the 90's, this edgy wallet chain was a clear indication that you liked grunge and metal. And attached to these bad boys are those hideous Velcro wallets. 90's dos and donts_wallet chains   3. Raver Pants- (How. is this. Okay...) Also known as UFO pants, parachute pants, or phat pants, these weird looking pair of bottoms were popularly worn by ravers- (who ironically, nowadays, barely wear anything to raves). 90's dos and donts_raver pants2   4. Foam Platform Sandals- The 90's were full of risky fashion, a perfect time to bring out these babies. The kids love running around in them until they twist their ankles. 90's dos and donts_foam sandals   5. Butterfly Clips- These cute butterfly clips come in beautiful sizes and colors. But they look better hung up on the racks at Claire's than clipped on your head. 90's dos and donts_butterfly clips   6. Bubble Shirts- Also known as Popcorn Shirts, this one size fits all shirt really DID fit ALL sizes. Although it's super fun to wear, it's SUPER UGLY. 90's dos and donts_bubble shirt   7. Bowl Cut- Most, if not all, kids had a bowl cut in the 90's. And to add a cherry on top, why don't we part it in the middle, like Nick Carter over here. 90's dos and donts_bowl cut   8. Blossom Hats- Inspired by Blossom Russo, it sky rocketed this weird looking hat to popularity in the 90's. I'm just glad that we've steered clear of this silhouette and into a more fashionable, floppier hat. 90's dos and donts_blossom hats   9. Backwards Jeans- Don't deny that you've tried this cool fashion trend if you were a Kriss Kross fan. But good luck trying to take it off if you're in a rush to go to the bathroom. 90's dos and donts_backwards pants   10. All-Over-The-Head Bun- There's a reason why only Scary Spice- out of all the Spice Girls members, only wore this 'do: because it's "scary" to look at. Tell me one good thing that's flattering about this hairstyle... 90's dos and donts_all-over-the-head bun  

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