The 90s were an epic time for music, culture, and fashion - and it seems like right now we're more eager than ever to relive the decades most defining moments. While frosted tips and manpri's may have (thankfully) met their demise, here's a list of the top 10 hottest 90s trends that are back in style...

1. Overalls - These are back in a BIG big way! Wether you rocked the full leg or the overall-shorts, one strap or both, its time to pull out your old dungarees and do it again. The best part is that you can pair it with your 90s crop top, Dr. Martens, or Converse and still be on trend.


2. Windbreakers - Nylon, neon, two-tone, and the brighter the better...windbreakers were where it was at! While in the 90s it was bigger logos and gaudier colours, today you can dial it back by choosing a more subtle design. Vintage Adidas, Reebok and of course Nike have all made a comeback, but don't forget the throwback brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger sailing jackets. Hooded, full-zip, or half-zip, with the iconic kangaroo pockets -- these bad boys can never seem to go out of style. No longer just for the gym, pair a windbreaker with denim cutoff shorts or over a crop top.


3. Snapbacks - Huge in the 90s, the snapback is back by popular demand. Donned by men and women alike, today's street style is teeming with this versatile hat. Whether you wear is frontwards or backwards, flat brim or curved, there seems to be a snapback for every fashion genre out there. Rep your favourite team (think 90s West Coast hip hop Raiders snaps), channel your inner Fresh Prince, or simply rock one with a cool catch phrase to add a little personal flare to your everyday look.


4. Ripped Jeans - Love it or hate it, distressed denim will never die. Popular in the 90s grunge era, ripped jeans have been reincarnated over and over again - allowing old vintage jeans to live on forever. For an extra-vintage feel, rock a stone or acid-wash pair of classic 501's or high-waisted mom-jeans, or better yet, steal your boyfriend's for a super relaxed fit. Dress them up or dress them down. Casual and comfy, distressed denim is a way to silently say that you just don't give a ****!


5. Bucket Hats - These floppy toppers made popular by the likes of LL Cool J and Lauryn Hill are yet another trend to crawl out of the 90s. Now sported by style mavens like Rihanna and Pharrell it's probably time for you to hop on the bucket hat bandwagon - and just in time for that summer sunshine!


6. Coogi Sweaters - These wild vibrant knit sweaters are synonymous with the one and only Notorious B.I.G. Dropping the Aussie brand in his song "One More Chance" back in the summer of 1995, the pullover sweaters became an instant cult classic. Still worn proudly by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Drake - Coogi gives a silent nod to vintage OG style.


7. Starter Jackets - The ultimate fusion of fashion and athletic apparel, Starter jackets dominated 90s fashion. Quickly becoming the leading brand of pro athletic teams, vintage Starter jackets are just as hip as their modern-day contemporaries. Rep your favourite team while rocking the brightest and shiniest colours. The team jackets made from satin instead of cheap nylon not only look but feel more flashy - allowing you to dress them up with a skirt or heels.


8. Vintage Basketball Apparel - The 90s saw Michael Jordan win 6 championships - a feat worth commemorating! Today anything with a throwback to the NBA heyday is still considered cool. Don a vintage jersey, or a crop-top version, or rep a vintage Air Jordan tee with your favourite snapback for a hip urban feel.


9. Graphic Tee's - Graphic tees are a staple from any era, but vintage 90s themed tees are some of the hottest vintage pieces around these days. Wayne's World, Fresh Prince, Beavis & Butthead, and of course all your favourite rock band tees look rad under a denim jacket, button down shirt, paired with some cut-off denim shorts, or extra long tall-tees worn as a dress.


10. Oversized button down shirts - Whether flannel, denim, or vertical striped, oversized vintage button down shirts worn over crops, tees and tanks are a 90s alternative to a sweater. The likes of Beyonce, Rita Ora, and Kanye West have been rocking the button down shirt in the classic 90s throwback fashion - tied around their waist.



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