To listen is to fall in love with industrial pop singer/songwriter Nika Roza Danilova - aka Zola Jesus. Described as futuristic, haunting, gothic, and totally unique in both her musical and aesthetic style, Zola has been making waves since her debut album in 2009 The Spoils. zola_jesus Having since put forth an impressive additional 3 albums - Stridulum, Conatus, and last year's orchestral release Versions - Zola has made a name for herself, collaborating with the likes of David Lynch, and M83 - and despite not yet breaking the Billboard charts, she has been sampled on hit TV show soundtracks such as Grey's Anatomy. With the upcoming October release of her latest album Taiga - written in a self-imposed isolation of a Puget Sound winter on Washington's Vashon Island - Zola's fierce independence and vocal strength continue to distinguish her sound from that of her peers. Titled and inspired by the forests of her childhood in rural Wisconsin, Zola describes Taiga as a raw and deeply personal interpretation of her connections to her Russian-American ancestry and to nature - articulating feelings of vulnerability, alienation, desire, adaptation, and empowerment. zola_jesus_conatus Combining rushing crescendos with deeply resonating, hard-driving beats, and a renewed focus on her powerful voice - working with an opera coach and recording songs initially a capella - Taiga's visceral lyrics ethereal underground sound showcases Zola's maturity and confidence and a recording artist.

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