Other than the fact that sportswear is about the comfiest you can get, especially in the summer heat, it can also play roles in being very minimal and versatile, which to me, are key characteristics that help me decide how to dress everyday. With that being said, there was no question that I was going to pull a couple classics - jerseys, track shorts, and Nike, of course - to show y'all a couple ways I like to wear my fave sportswear essentials (and how I stay cool in the summer without sweating to death, lol).


Karissa for Frankie Collective Frankie_Collective_mesh_baseball_jersey_4 Frankie_Collective_mesh_baseball_jersey_1Vintage baseball mesh jersey - Frankie Collective Cropped camisole - Topshop Basketball shorts - thrifted








Photos by: Kethy Wang www.kethyw.com

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