Born and raised New York native, Donna Karen has been designing collections for the modern woman in mind for decades. After leaving Anne Klein & Co. in 1984 (as Head Designer), Donna Karen created her own New York based label, DKNY. Her brand has been taking the fashion industry by storm ever since. dkny_openingceremony

 It has always been Donna Karan's vision to tailor her collections for the every day working woman, which means fashion that is not only timeless but versatile. Famous for inventing the body suit, Donna Karen helped shape modern fashion for women that were always on the go. One of the best things about the DKNY brand is their ability to adapt to meet the needs of the modern woman without losing touch of the essence of their brand. For her 25th anniversary DKNY show, Donna Karen cast a diverse group of models which included regular people as well as their typical fashion models. Some of these people included: skateboarders, tattoo artists and night life hostesses. This created an upbeat energy throughout the show while sending the remarkable message that the DKNY brand is about the real people of New York. Lately, the label has been triggering our nostalgia by re-introducing streetwear collections that helped the brand explode into New York’s fashion scene in the 1990’s. Their collaboration with UK retailer Open Ceremony includes limited edition pieces that capture the essence of DKNY intertwined with the 90's such as: hooded dresses, silver puffer jackets and athletic jumpsuits.
“DKNY was a pioneer of street wear in fashion in the 90’s. We have been long-time fans of the brand and we’re very excited to bring back select, quintessential styles that feel fresh even today.” - Carol Lim, Co-Founder of Opening Ceremony. dkny_openingceremony  

“DKNY is urban and edgy but most of all, it's individual! They truly embrace the weirdness in all of us, so you can really be yourself." - Cara Delevigne


In little to no time, Cara Delevigne caused a major social media stir with her hashtag #Cara4DKNY, the model announced on Instagram that she will be playing a major part in the brands newest collection that will showcase the perfect mashup of modern and streetwear. In classic Cara style, she had fun with her fans online by allowing them to enter a contest using the hashtag: #CaraWantsYou which allowed them to apply as a campaign model for the upcoming collection. This fun, quirky collection has unisex apparel in addition to women's wear, you'll find things like varsity jackets, body suits and graphic tee's in neutral colours such as black, grey and white.



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