calvin-klein-jeansxmytheresa-com-the-re-issue-project   In 1968, Calvin Klein started his iconic brand that continues to grow with the generations, while staying true to it’s classic style. The nineties vibes are back in full force and it feels so right when Lottie Moss; sister of long time Calvin Klein muse, Kate Moss is representing the brand. Lottie may be a fresh face for the brand but is modelling the re-make of many classic styles including their 90s logo sweatshirt (retailing for $215). calvin_klein_reissue_90s_sweatshirts   If you are looking to get your hands on the vintage sweatshirts that truly stand the test of time, visit our shop for the best Calvin Klein finds. Pair them with boyfriends jeans, frayed cut off shorts, or whatever the Moss in you desires. vintage_deadstock_calvin_klein_sweatshirts  


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