The topic of Alexander Wang's influence has been put on the fore front, thanks to the New York Times, naming him the most influential fashion designer in the world. One writer's response has cleverly pitched this exact statement as a question - "Is Alexander Wang Really the Most Influential Designer in the World?"

One year ago, I would have given up my first born son in the name of Alexander Wang. People idolized Alexander Wang because he was the perfect "mashup of youthful energy, street culture and high fashion". He could do not wrong.

But something has changed in the last 18 months; Just in time for the New York Times' proclamation. This photo of the #wangxo bandana at Coachella came up in my Instagram feed and really summed it all up. For me, it comes down to one thing --> control over his brand


I remember my first time setting foot in Alexander Wang's Soho store and not being able to snap a photo of the full fur hammock, because they didn't allow photos in the store - which, at the time, was an incredible designer maintaining control over his brand. But now, this 'brochella' brandishing a #wangxo bandana has somehow made it onto Alexander Wang's official Instagram feed. To add, some aspects of Coachella makes it one of the most basic and mainstream events, with brands like H&M even producing a Coachella Clothing Line.

Although this photo has since been taken down, I will always remember the day that Alexander Wang's once carefully curated online presence was breached. Alexander Wang may be the most influential designer in the world by trying to cater to the masses, but has down so by undermining his influence with tastemakers.

R.I.P Alexander Wang?



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