A big part of why we love vintage is that it is an eco-conscious way of dressing.  By giving a garment a second life, you save it from the landfill and do not contribute to the 11.1 million tons of clothing thrown away each year. By choosing vintage over new clothing, you are also reducing your carbon footprint as it takes fuel and material resources to manufacture these new goods.


We take this philosophy of caring for our planet one step further with our SNAP collection, a line of up-cycled and re-worked vintage pieces.  SNAP aims to maximize the use of our materials, helping to greatly reduce clothing waste going into our landfills. Fashion is such a fast moving industry. Every season brings new trends which brings more new garments being manufactured. Shopping second hand or reworked clothing really does make a huge difference. SNAP is inspired by the craft of making the old new. We start with a recycled garment, examine it to see how it can be utilized, come up with a design, and then find uses for any scraps.  All garments are designed to be an essential piece of your wardrobe.

Do your part today and every other day of your life.

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