WHO WHAT WEAR: 8 Brands That Are Using Deadstock and Upcycled Materials in Their Clothing

February 06, 2021

While scrolling through my Instagram recently, I've seen a lot more unique pieces like corsets made from Nike socks or jackets made out of old quilts and I instantly became intrigued. After a few searches on the internet and scouring platforms like TikTok and Depop, I found a variety of brands (small and big) that were turning deadstock or upcycled fabric into new and innovative creations. There's a big conversation surrounding whether using deadstock or upcycled fabrics is the most sustainable option, especially for larger brands, but it's been pointed out that it's still a better option, especially for small brands that want to be more sustainable and don't mind producing in limited runs. 

While many of these brands rely on vintage or used fabric, they release the product in limited runs or drops where products sell out instantly due to their popularity. If you're looking into coveting some unique pieces for your wardrobe, look no further than the brands below. 


Frankie Collective



Frankie Collective sells vintage on its site but is known for its "Rework" collections which involve salvaging vintage garments that would otherwise end up in a landfill and transforming them into a modern creation.

EB Denim



Re/Done partners with brands like Levi's and Hanes to take the quality of heritage brands but revive them with more modern silhouettes. 

Psychic Outlaw

Psychic Outlaw turns bandanas and quilts into works of art. While its limited drops with pre-sourced bandanas and quilts sell out quickly, there are also options available to supply your own for them to customize an item for you.

Mia Vesper

You may recognize Mia Vesper as the designer that created a dress for Beyonce and her dancers in the Black Is King video. Vesper creates unique ready-to-wear collections, as well as taking vintage tapestries and rugs and turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces. 


Almost on Time

Almost on Time was one of the first upcycled brands I found on Instagram and clearly was a fan-favorite by how many girls were trying to get ahold of one of her pieces. She's mostly known for turning men's sportswear into feminine pieces like corsets and miniskirts. She's also recently partnered with Urban Outfitters to release a limited capsule on its site. 

Mirror Palais

You've probably seen one of Mirror Palais's magical garments pop up on your Instagram feed, but their next drop features corsets made from vintage deadstock fabric that you can pre-order on February 8th.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn's dresses are clearly inspired by vintage versions, giving me major Cottagecore vibes. While a large part of the brand centers around sustainability, the "Deadstock Collection" features pieces using rescued and revitalized fabrics. 



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