BUSTLE: These Tiny Ankle Fanny Packs Are Actually Perfect For Concerts & Festivals

January 06, 2021

What happens when you mix the tiny bag trend with fanny packs? You get baby bum bags that strap around your ankles or arms, creating a whole new accessory you didn't know you needed. Frankie Collective's tiny fanny packs are like tiny clutches for your ankles, making them a quirky but useful accessory.
Frankie Collective has been around for five years, and the brand creates street wear out of discarded clothing that is headed to the landfill. "Our designs center on salvaging vintage garments that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and all of our textile scraps are recycled and repurposed to eliminate textile waste," Frankie Collective's site reads. The brand carries everything from sportswear to salvaged designer fabrics (there are plenty of reworked Louis Vuitton and Supreme pieces,) and its micro-fanny pack trend takes advantage of that. Some of the tiny bags feature street wear-worthy logos, utilizing everything from Nike to Gucci branding.
The micro fanny packs take inspiration from the Barbie-sized designer bags created by the iconic designer Jacquemus. The micro bags are called Le Chiquito, and everyone from Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing the Tic Tac sized creations.
Frankie Collective took the Jacquemus It Bag and applied the same concept to bum bags.
"We get in a lot of damaged designer handbags that have minimal amounts of usable material. These bags have broken zippers and handles and would otherwise be destined for the landfill. We made this little bag to utilize that small amount of fabric," Jamie Dawes, the head designer at Frankie Collective, tells Bustle.
The brand drew inspiration from Chanel's micro bag, which looked like an ankle monitor to the team. "The design was inspired from the iconic Chanel micro bag that was actually attached to their pumps in spring/summer 2008," Dawes says. At first the mini fanny packs were just meant to be used on the arms, but Frankie Collective realized that the purses could just as easily been worn on the legs as well.
If you think the design is cute but are wondering when you would ever wear an ankle bracelet-like bag, Frankie Collective finds that it comes in handy in a bunch of situations.
"This bag was designed in the winter but then it was put on ice because we just couldn't see the function in it. When summer time hit and we were at the pool we suddenly realized that it was perfect for holding a key and your credit card. It was tiny and had everything you needed for the afternoon," Dawes says.
"We saw the need for this bag when we were poolside with a big bag that really didn't have much in it. All you need is to be carrying a few small items with you and you're good! The possibilities are endless though! You can wear it around your arm at the gym. Wear it around your ankle when you're at a festival. We wear it at work so we won't lose our keys. It looks great on bare skin or layer it over the cuff of your pants. You choose!" Dawes shares.
Because of that reason, these mini fanny packs are the perfect accessories for concerts and festivals. Just strap them to your arms or ankles, and you can carry everything from your money to your keys. The fanny pack trend is clearly not over, especially when clever brands like Frankie Collective are coming up with new ways to wear them.

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