Riddle me this – it’s square, silky, soft, and likely collecting dust in your mother’s (and even grandmother’s) closet. It’s a fashion phenomenon that says “vintage classic” and yet no one seems to know how to interpret it into their modern day wardrobes. Oh yeah, it’s the silk scarf. What’s been sewn from silk as far back as the 1920’s actually has a lavish history, mirroring changes in art, fashion, and lifestyle. Patterns have depicted everything from historical events, travel locations, and the later designer logos, inherently stitching along each step of the entire fashion industry evolution. So what better way, really, to pull a piece of sophisticated style into your wardrobe? silk scarf 2 To avoid looking outdated or overly preppy with this trend, we’re offering some tips on how to style this tricky piece without looking like you personally survived World War II. Forget the fact that it’s called a scarf; this square piece of silk can do so much more, and its versatility is endless. silk scarf 1 It can transform into a turban, headband, or a pop of colour strung through a casual braid. It can be an accessory accent on a handbag or hat, a belt, or a jewelry replacement wrapped around as a necklace or bracelet. Style it retro-glam and make Audrey Hepburn proud, or take the glamorous down a notch and wear it as a statement piece with some casual denim and a retro tee. Our personal favourite? Tied around the head, reminiscent of Rosie the riveter. Top off the look with a bold, bright lip and you’ll see exactly why our war poster hero always looked so damn confident. scarves

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